Darius Mikšys


Nato nel 1969 in Kaunas, Lituania.


Studi: Higher Art School, Kaunas, 1984 / 1988; Vilnius Art Academy, 1991 / 1995.


La pratica artistica di Darius Mikšys può variare dalla performance all’interno di un gioco per PC online, ad una serie di opere d’arte create dalle istituzioni artistiche stesse. Le sue recenti mostre personali e collettive includono:


“Last Seen Entrando Biltmore”, South London Gallery, Londra (2014), “La vita di lavoro”, IMA, Brisbane (2014), “giro fusiforme”, Lisson Gallery, Londra (2013), Artes Mundi, Galles Internazionale Visual Art Exhibition e Premio, Cardiff (2012), “Wide Open Scuola”, Hayward Gallery, Londra (2012), “Soundworks”, ICA, Londra (2012), Biennale di Scultura Shenzhen 7, Shenzhen (2012), “Behind The Curtain Bianco”, padiglione lituano alla Biennale di Venezia 54 °, “On limone eccitato vampiri” FormContent, London (2010), Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spagna (2010), X Triennale Baltico, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (2009), Performa 09, New York (2009 ), Biennale di Sydney 2008, Sydney (2008), Biennale di Lione, Lione (2007), “In cerca di Mr. Fluxus: Sulle tracce di George Maciunas”, l’arte in generale, di New York (2001), tra gli altri.


Mostre personali


2011 Behind The White Curtain, 54th Venice Biennale, Lithuanian pavilion, Venice.

2010 Time and Again, Galeria Arsenal, Poznan.


Mostre collettive & eventi



Last Seen Entering Biltmore, South London Gallery, London.

The Working Life, IMA, Brisbane.


2013 Fusiform Gyrus, Lisson Gallery, London.


2012 Artes Mundi, Wales International Visual Art Exhibition and Prize, Cardiff.

Wide Open School, Hayward Gallery, London.

Soundworks, ICA, London.

7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, Shenzhen.



Delay in glass, GAM, Turin.

Salon du Mercredi, Paris.

Pawnshop, e-flux, Basel.

Museums, Galleries, Homes and other stories, Galleria Enrico Astuni, Bologna.

Somewhere else, Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona.



Manifesta 8 – Murcia.

Lithuanian Art 2000 2010: Ten Years - Contemporary Art Center. CAC, Vilnius.

HaVE A LoOk! HAve a Look! - FormContent project space, London.



Vision Forum, 1:1 projects, Rome.

“This place you see has no size at all…”, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris.

Performa 09, e-flux, New York City, NY.

The X Baltic Triennial of International Art – The Baltic Triennial of International Art, CAC, Vilnius.

Structures of nothing, workshop-event at Sutro Baths, San Francisco.

Code Share, Contemporary Art Centre, Vinlius.



On delay and delaying, lecture at CAC, Vilnius.

Ready To Dispose, solo project on ebay.com.

Biennale of Sydney, Sydney.



Lyon Biennial 2007, Lyon.



PR 04, San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Looking for Mr. Fluxus: In the Footsteps of George Maciunas, Art In General, New York.






The Code

Shower Curtain Standard

Behind The White Curtain

Artists Parents Meeting

My Jeff Koons

The shroud of Gilles Peterson

Abdul Aziz s Holiday Cricket Club XI


Most Original Copies Of The Originals. Installation, drawing, mixed media.

Organization of Living Matter. Performance, series of paintings.

Sympathetic, Cognitive. Photography, installation.


Lunch napkin, souvenir for Puerto Rico Olympic Games 2004, textile – performance.

Lemon Energized Vampires, text performance.


How to simulate eye contact? , workshop – performance.

Who s The Artist? Drawing, text performance.

Borders of Imagination, performance.

La Copia, video performance, 38 min.

Radio Room 49, video, 6 min.


Wedding Party of Neringa & Marius. Video, 90 min.

Parapsychology Conference. Video, 28 min.

RadioWalk. Audio, 45 min.

Focus on The Girl. Video, 25 min.



Film & apparizioni video


Dora Garcia, Where Do Characters Go When The Story Is Over?: as himself.

Mark Aerial Waller, Time Together, video series 2012. Winter Episode A – The Briefing: as The Trustee.

Garbriel Lester, The Cola-Yoghurt Project, 2004: as himself.




Art Papers, 07/08.2013, Body Sketches for a Universal Stage. Written by Jennifer Teets. Cover photo:

La Copia, 2008, video still.

Nero, No. 30, 2012, Shower Curtain Standard. By Darius Miksys.

Mousse #29: Who is Darius Mik ys? Written by Jennifer Teets.

Eurozine.com, 03.08.2011, Behind the white curtain. Darius Miksys. Written by Virginija Januskeviciute.


Premi,  nomine, residenze


54th Venice Biennale Special Jury Mention to the Lithuania Pavilion, Behind the White Curtain.

International Residency Program at Recollets, Paris, 2010.

Gasworks Residencies Programme, London, 2007.