S.p.A.A. Society for Artistic Actions

Carla Accardi, Cuoghi Corsello, Alberto Garutti, Peter Halley, Suzanne Lacy, David Medalla, Luca Rossi

Galleria Enrico Astuni
from 24.01.2020 to 09.05.2020

Curated by: Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

Press release: PDF

After a year, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio returns to Galleria Enrico Astuni in Bologna with a new group exhibition, a complete programme entitled S.p.A.A., or Society for Artistic Actions, an open-ended idea in the company of old and new artworks and artists, namely Carla Accardi, Cuoghi Corsello, Alberto Garutti, Peter Halley, Suzanne Lacy, David Medalla and Luca Rossi.

S.p.A.A. is not concerned with the significance of the art market or economy, as a first casual glance at the initials might suggest [‘S.p.A’ in Italian = Ltd. /Inc.], but with the actions that the artworks activate, such as the action of feminist thought: Accardi – Lacy; ironic-provocative action: Medalla – Cuoghi Corsello; conceptual linguistic social action: Halley – Garutti; and human and technical participatory action: Garutti – Rossi. Of course these are just some ways of ‘being or not being’ for these artists and their related works, which might or might not be equally meaningfully recombined as: abstract-sign action: Accardi – Halley; public activation action: Lacy – Garutti; linguistically open action: Medalla – Cuoghi Corsello, action in action . . .

This is why the art on display is linked to phrases screenprinted on the gallery walls and reprinted in the catalogue, an easily transportable publication. Their authors are Maura Pozzati for Carla Accardi, Silvia Grandi for Cuoghi Corsello, Antonio Grulli for Alberto Garutti, Marco Senaldi for Peter Halley, Fabio Cavallucci for Susan Lacy, Fabiola Naldi for David Medalla, and Guido Molinari for Luca Rossi.

Do you understand the system?

If you do, you can join in the fun by combining other pairs.