Medalla. A Stitch In Time

Author: David Medalla
Title: A Stitch In Time

Year: 2016. Ed. of 29, signed
Technique: Book 66|16, tulle, needle, cotton spool, plexiglass theca
Measures: Cm 22 x 16 cm (book); 200 x 100 cm (tulle); cm 33 x 27 x h7.5 cm (theca)


A Stitch In Time, special edition by David Medalla was especially created for Galleria Enrico Astuni in 2016, Bologna.

The edition is made in 29 copies (each different from the other), authenticated in Arabic numerals, and 10 copies in Roman numerals reserved for the artist. The edition is composed by:

- Book 66|16 Ieri, Oggi, Domani, Eccetera…, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, customized by David Medalla.

20 books are in Italian; 9 books are in English.

- Tulle (10/12 colours per the full edition of 29), 200 x 100 cm

The collector can embroider or make to embroider the tulle and experience actively A Stitch in Time work.

- Dispaly plexiglass theca 33 x 27 x h 7.5 (optional)