The future is Old

Author: Øystein Aasan
Title: The future is Old

Year: 2018
Technique: Frammenti di sculture in gesso, cera d'api e plexiglass / Fragments of plaster sculptures, beeswax and Plexiglass
Measures: 8.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm.


Edition number: 29 + 10, signed and numbered at the bottom

The future is Old consists in small boxes, functioning as a kind of a model; each one contains a piece of a previous sculpture (that is the small plaster pieces inside the box), ” so then it connects to my work in a different way and that also makes each multiple unique, in a sense. This also gives the edition a nice and interesting narrative. The plaster pieces comes from a sculpture called “Blue City”. And I also like this connection, that it went from being an idea for a whole city to being a miniature”. Ø. A.