Between Form and Movements

Can Altay, Kevin van Braak, Aldo Giannotti, Shaun Gladwell, Maurizio Mochetti

from 22.09.2012 to 16.03.2013

Curated by: Emanuele Guidi

Press release: PDF

Between Form and Movement is the title of a collective exhibition by a group of international artists who question the production of the space in its social, political and architectural context, in order to explore its performance potential.


These pieces, specifically conceived or re-invented for this project, suggest that any particular space – whether defined by a building, a portion of one, a monument, an artificial architectural element or an entire city – is characterized by the tensions that emerge between its designers and the social relationships between its end-users/dwellers.


The body – of the performer, of the spectator or of the inhabitant – is seen in direct relation to the constructed space it inhabits, inasmuch as this space represents a cultural and political expression through which “ideologies” drive home their message.

The affordances – those formal characteristics of an object or an environment which suggest a utility, an action or more generally a movement of some sort – become, therefore, in the artist’s practice, an instrument for detecting the mechanisms that govern a given space and “in-form” the behavior of whomever moves within it.


At the same time, forms of appropriation and “para-functions” that emerge beyond the original project or proposal become an expedient which acts on the experience of the place to engender a critique of the space itself as an “institution.”


Moving along these lines of negotiations, the artists research and combine the rules of spatial relationships, and the economics and history of certain places, in order to pose questions about the future and destiny of architecture, of public spaces and of the range of creative visions which have provided the inspiration for each individual project.