Cuoghi Corsello


Cuoghi Corsello 


Monica Cuoghi (Mantova, 1965) and Claudio Corsello (Bologna, 1964). They live and work in Bologna.

The artistic duo, who has been cooperating for more than 30 years, from the beginning locates its working and living experience in marginal and occupied places far from the mainstream.

Coherently with these premises their creations have spread around cities and public places, encouraging the dissolution of the barriers between art and everyday life: characters with funny names like Pea Brain the first character invented by the duo, signature and symbol of the creative independence of Cuoghi and Corsello (the nice little duck with “legs that quickly can do damage”, 1986), Petronilla (a female organ with the head, 1993); Bello (the stylized smile, 1988), Suf (the little girl, 2001), Nonno Degrado (an old man with his “zanetta”, 2010) create together a kind of parallel world invades that of metropolitan reality.

From Street Art, their style evolved to achieve other languages and media.