Steven Pippin

Galleria Enrico Astuni Bologna
from 22.09.2018 to 05.01.2019

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Saturday 22nd September 2018, 7 pm, opens at Galleria Enrico Astuni WORK (WITHIN A WORK), solo show of the British artist/engineer Steven Pippin.

This exhibition highlights Steven Pippin ongoing interest and fascination with 0° degree longitude, the Prime meridian, his studio being situated close to the Greenwich Observatory in South East London since the late 1980s.


WORK (WITHIN A WORK) brings together a selection of works span some 28 years and covers a range of activity from performance, photography, Sculpture, experimental film and engineering. The binding, underlying concern of infinity (within the mundane and boring) along with complexity (in the seemingly simple domestic everyday) are topics the artist constantly re-examines.